Eviction Services

Assisting Florida Rental Managers and Landlords with their Eviction Needs

Evictions Express offers a full range of courier services for uncontested, residential evictions for non-payment of rent. We also provide standard forms, notarization, posting of three day eviction notices, and assistance in sheriff's lockouts. We understand how important it is to move the wrong tenant out, which is why we are committed to assisting Florida rental managers and landlords. Upon request, we can organize the cleaning and restoration of your property and verify that it is secure once it is vacant.

Our prices and service are unbeatable!

We make daily trips to the courthouse in order to expedite the process as much as possible. We are also constantly monitoring your cases to ensure you are notified the minute the locks can be changed. If you need to evict a tenant, e-mail us at info@evicitonsexpress.com so that we can get started on your case right away!